Neema Bickersteth chats about her newest work “Sonic Spectrum”

Theatre Local: Tell us a bit about your piece, what’s it about?

Neema Bickersteth: Sonic Spectrum is a basically a mini voice recital. ROY G BIV is the theme of this song grouping. I will be using my classical training but sometimes in non conventional ways.


TL: What inspired you to create this piece?

NB: When I sang in Rebecca’s space last year, she said it was as if my voice was painting her being. Now that is inspiring!


TL: Whats up next for you?

NB: Magi in Harlem Duet by Djanet Sears with Black Theatre Workshop. My first gig in Montreal!!


Photo Of Neema Bickersteth

Neema Bickersteth is a graduate of the University of British Columbia, where she received both a Bachelor and Master of Music. Opera Canada described her as having “amazing control of her vocal palette, producing a warm and sensual colour”. Neema takes pleasure in collaborating with various artists, which has allowed her opportunities including the great honour of performing for the XIVth Dalai Lama, Shirin Abadi, and the Archbishop Desmond Tutu. More recently, Neema has been a part of some innovative new theatre with Urbanvessel, Native Earth Performing Arts, Nightswimming, Flight Works, Tapestry New Opera Works and Artistic Fraud

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