Émilie Gauvin chats about her newest work “Truth or Dare/Truth or Die”

Theatre Local: Is this the first piece you’ve created specifically for a small audience?

Émilie Gauvin: Yes. And what is appealing to me is the idea of sharing a secret, the possibility of recreating a kitchen family reunion, the direct interaction with the audience, the possibility we have to know each other by the end of the piece.

TL: What inspired you to create this piece?

EG: 1- Because of the small audience, I wanted to get rid of the 4th wall. 2- Truth or dare game

3- My undeniable french canadian québécoise origins and the recent provincial election which was stained by a traumatizing assassination attempt against the new Premier, who is the first woman to ever occupy this position in Québec.
TL: What’s up next for you?

EG:  More TV writing and a new show for Tout le monde s’appelle Alice.


Photo of Emilie Gauvin

Émilie Gauvin is a French Canadian theatre artist based in Montreal. In 2010 she was commisionned by Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec to work with artist Rebecca Singh to develop a theatrical piece performed on spinning bikes. She is currently part of the team of head writers and creators of the sitcom Fée Éric, aired in Québec since February 2012. As an actor, she was recently part of the cast of Bug, a play by Tracy Letts, presented at  Théâtre La Licorne, in Montreal, in May-June 2012. With artist Martin Boisclair, she is co-director of the creation company Tout le monde s’appelle Alice. Their goal is to create original theatrical productions, and to tour them in order to reach audiences outside of the major cities.

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