WORKSPACE. opens tonight!


7PM February 8 – 3PM February 17, 2013

A multi-disciplinary art exhibition, action, event, and book sale. Featuring Rebecca Singh and members of the Wychwood Artist Colony living at the Wychwood Barns.

Location: Community Gallery Barn 1 Wychwood Barns 601 Christie Street Toronto, Ontario M6G 4C6

Friday Feb. 8       

7PM-9PM Gallery open   

8PM -”Hang” At approximately 8PM Multidisciplinary Artist Rebecca Singh will hang a work on the Gallery wall. Bring your cameras! 
ENTRANCE: by donation at the door.

Saturday Feb. 9  

10AM-3PM Gallery open

Sunday Feb. 10   

10AM-3PM Gallery open

Monday Feb. 11   

5PM-10PM Gallery open

5PM-10PM “Wychwood Artist Colony Comic Jam” Illustarator Ruth Tait and the Wychwood Artist Colony are hosting a Comic Jam – completed pages will be posted online. Join the collaborative spirit – wake up your brain!

ENTRANCE: $3 fee B.Y.O.Beverage and snacks and drawing utensils. Paper and drawing boards provided.

Tuesday Feb. 12   

5PM-9PM  Gallery open

7PM “In Conversation With…” Arts journalist Steve Fisher catches up with Actor and Multidisciplinary Artist Rebecca Singh, Actor and Playwright Julia Lederer and a very special musical guest MJ Cyr.
 Come and get to know more about three exciting Wychwood area artists!

ENTRANCE: by donation at the door.

Wednesday Feb. 13   

5PM-9PM  Gallery open

7PM “Artist Panel Discussion” An exciting line up of artists and arts professionals get together to talk art, life and survival in the big city. Featuring multidisciplinary artist and storyteller  Ann McDougall, illustrator Ruth Tait, printmaker Maureen Dasilva, musician Dallas Sutherland and moderated by Rebecca Singh.

ENTRANCE: by donation at the door.

Thursday Feb. 14   

5PM-9PM  Gallery open     

7PM “Shakespeare by Request” Classically trained actors will be at the Gallery to read to you from your favorite Shakespeare works. Happy Valentines Day!

ENTRANCE: By donation- Be a dear and kindly tip the actors

Friday Feb. 15       

Gallery hours: TBA               Event: TBA 

Saturday Feb. 16   

10AM-3PM Gallery open

10AM-3PM “Art Book Sale” Jewellery maker Deborah Sanderson and the Wychwood Artist Colony are hosting an Art Book Sale.

You’ll be sure to find a title to add to your collection of unique and beautiful books!


Sunday Feb. 17   

10AM-3PM Gallery open

2 PM “Strike” At approximately 2PM Multidisciplinary Artist Rebecca Singh will remove a work from the Gallery wall. Bring your cameras!




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